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Born in Sweden on 9 May 1970, Carl Freer is an accomplished entrepreneur with his unique craftsmanship in many businesses. The one thing all these businesses have in common is that they are all technology related and also that they all come up with solutions that are aimed at making the average person’s life much easier.

You may know him as the co-founder of Tiger Telematics, the American Technology company that created the handheld gaming console Gizmondo. The gaming console rose $2.7 billion in market share before Tiger Telematics was dissolved in 2006. Carl J Freer’s career didn’t end with the dissolution of the company. He went on to invest in multiple other tech related ventures that are credited with bringing much needed innovation into the tech-world.

For instance, as a top executive at Magitech, he successfully engineered the building of one of the most advanced mobile augmented reality platforms as part of Magitech’s technology platform. The innovation was later sold to Qualcomm. But when it comes to his numerous innovative success, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The following are just some of the ventures he has pioneered and how they are expected to or are changing the lives of those who come in contact with them.

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In 2010, Carl Johan Freer stormed into the world of bio-tech with Aluminaid. The innovation is uniquely positioned to completely change the way the medical world treats burns. As one of the leading causes of accidental deaths, burns are often difficult to treat and more importantly, very painful to endure. What Aluminaid does is combine pain relief with features that eliminate further tissue damage, making the healing process much faster.

If you’re wondering what it is and what it does, prepare to be amazed by the patented technology that is Aluminaid. What Aluminaid is, is a new type of burn dressing that is designed to reduce the heat going into the wound while simultaneously allowing cool air through. Since heat is what often causes pain for burn victims, Aluminaid in it’s make up, eliminates this pain. Also, because the dressing allows cool air in, further tissue damage on the burnt area is reduced, enabling quick healing.

Extensive preclinical tests of the product were conducted before it was released to be used. The tests also resulted in endorsements and regulatory approval from relevant authorities and bodies including the Los Angeles fire Department, The Grossman Burn Center, Health Science Authority Singapore, CE and the FDA.

It is available as an over the counter purchase and the company seeks to develop the product further to include other types of wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, infected wounds and venous ulcers. The product itself also continues to develop to meet a growing demand and cater to more people across the world.

Watopedia AI Platform

In the heels of Aluminaid’s unprecedented success, Carl Freer’s biggest venture to date is expected to eclipse even his most illustrious achievements in the recent past. Artificial Intelligence is an area of study that is expected to completely alter the way we do business, communicate or even just predict the weather. Watopedia, Carl’s AI platform is positioning to be on the forefront of these advancements. Watopedia is created by the world’s leading scientists and machine experts to come up with the latest generation of neural networks capable of the most accurate of results regardless of the application.

As of the moment, Watopedia has been used to create three applications whose primary function is to aid investors in decision making based on accurate predictions. These three applications include the following.


Using AI, Watstock is an application that will change how investors look at the trends in the stock market and consequently how they choose their investments. In fact, Watstock may just make the whole process very easy since it will offer highly accurate predictions of how the stock market is expected to behave in the next 10 days. Tests have already shown that Watstock is the next big groundbreaking application in the world of financial technology and its applications are numerous to say the least.


Also, a part of the Watopedia platform is the Watgold app that like the Watstock app is expected to take the world of financial trading by storm. This is because while Watstock makes accurate predictions of stocks, Watgold does the same for Gold, Silver and Platinum. Predictions are also for a 10-day period and because of the revolutionary Neural Network that Watopedia uses, is also expected to be just as accurate.


Also included in the Watopedia offering Petrofinde is an analytical application that uses AI to analyze the global repository of geological data with live data streams of information including Satellite feeds. Again, because of the makeup of the Watopedia platform, the analysis done with Petrofinde is extremely accurate and its applications in the business world and other industries are numerous.

ULab Mobile Innovations

Carl Freer is also the founder of ULab, a platform he used to identify the space to revolutionize mobile ecommerce platforms. Because of the work he did with ULab, mobile payments have become quicker and easier, giving users the ability to purchase any item almost instantaneously from their mobile device.

All the innovations he has either directly or indirectly been involved with have shaped both the man and his career. With his latest project, Watopedia, he is expected to impact more people and industries than he has so far. All his products, companies he invests in and his innovations have been designed with the end-user in mind. Aluminaid’s success is a pre-cursor of what can be expected from Watopedia and all other innovations to come after.

Through his attributes and innovation acumen, Carl Freer is an entrepreneur with a bright future ahead of him. His products change the way we do business and improve the quality of life. We can only hope that he continues to innovate highly useful, practical technological products and platforms.

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